The Fitness Professionals have been providing the best in health & fitness services for over 30 years. 
Our proven, results-based programs and professionals are here to help you determine and achieve your desired goals, whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, or simply improve your overall health. We maintain an educated, skilled, friendly, caring, and professional team that is dedicated to providing the specialized attention, training and knowledge needed to help YOU attain YOUR unique fitness objectives. 

We treat every client with the same level of care regardless of whether you are new to fitness, a pro athlete or an individual who is needing a new direction.  We strongly believe that self-care is an essential personal priority. In today’s busy world, it’s important that all our clients put themselves first for just a few hours a week. 

The Fitness Professionals will keep you focused and motivated on that goal – personal fitness and well-being. 

Kurt "RIP" Griffin 
The Founder of The Fitness Professionals (1990), Kurt, realized the need for a group of fitness professionals to bring respectability, professionalism, efficiency, safety, and knowledge to the personal training industry. He has assembled a team of results-driven fitness training professionals with one goal in mind: guiding you to achieving your health & fitness goals.

With 36+ years of experience, his programs have helped countless individuals just like you reach their health & fitness goals.

Kurt holds certifications/registrations as a Master Personal Fitness Trainer, Medical Exercise Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, Master Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Diabetic Fitness Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Master Online Health & Fitness Coach, Fitness Presenter and Fitness Nutrition Specialist .
Midland, Texas
Odessa, Texas
Laura has been part of the fitness industry for over 9 years. She strives to create a training environment that not only challenges her clients but empowers them to continually challenge themselves. Laura is dedicated to improving her clients’ overall quality of life while helping them progressively achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. 

She has experience as a personal fitness trainer and a fitness instructor in Yoga, Kickboxing, and HIIT. Laura also has years of experience as a weight loss consultant for surgical and medical spas.

Her areas of expertise include Competitive Figure/Bikini bodybuilder training, personalized weight loss and nutrition plans, overall muscle gains, body composition/conversion, core and balance, and strength training. 

Laura is an ANBF Masters Figure Pro and holds certifications in Weight Management, Nutrition, Hormones and Metabolism, and several Yoga disciplines. 
Midland, Texas
Jordan has 9 years of experiences in the fitness industry . He specializes in traditional old school training with a balance diet - productive workouts  - and consistency.  Jordan takes his clients for a challenging yet fun experience in self improvement. He strives to inspire and assist all levels and ages.

Jordan is known for being a very motivational trainer working with all fitness levels and ages, challenging you to reach your goals.

Challenging and uplifting others to succeed is his passion along with helping clients become better versions of themselves - building self confidence and love for the fitness one client at a time .

Jordan is a certified Personal Trainer with Nutrition and Strength & Conditioning.
Midland, Texas
Odessa, Texas
Angel has been involved in the health & fitness industry for several years. After witnessing family members struggle with their health, and even battling with multiple health issues herself, Angel realized that only way to conquer these issues was to take charge of her health on her own with proper nutrition and exercise.  

Angel is highly  motivated to share her passion for health and wellness with her clients, changing lives.
She specializes in weight loss, endurance and strength training      

Angel is a Certified Personal Training.
Midland, Texas
Goretty has always been interested in health and fitness. For over the past 3 plus years, she has been dedicated to acquiring more experience and knowledge in the benefits of fitness and the subsequent mental health benefits.  

Goretty yearning for more knowledge, worked with several world class coaches and champions. Collectively, through their wisdom, she became educated not only on nutrition, weight-training, and a lifestyle balance but emphasized debunking certain misleading and misconstrued beliefs held in the fitness industry.

Her mission is to improve a client's overall mental and physical wellbeing both inside and outside the gym via an active lifestyle.

Goretty holds a BS in Biology and is a certified personal fitness trainer.
Odessa, Texas
Abby has been in the health and fitness industry for 6 years.  She originally got into the health and fitness world to change lives and save lives. After losing a good portion of family to diabetes and heart disease, Abby realized the tremendous need to educate others in nutrition and exercise for the benefit of the family as a whole. 

Abby loves to see her clients get results and exceed their expectations. She works with all levels and body types.

She has been an athlete all of her life and looks forward to passing on her knowledge and motivating the drive to succeed within each client.

Abby holds certifications in Personal Training and Nutrition.
Plano, Texas
Midland, Texas
Odessa, Texas
Bren has been in the health and fitness industry for 11 years. She is passionate about helping her clients improve their health and self esteem through fitness and nutrition.

Bren loves working with all levels, ages and wide range of goals.  She has also worked in the sports and physical therapy fields over the years.

Bren holds a BS in Kinesiology, and is a Master Certification in Personal Trainer and Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach.
Colleyville, Texas
Midland, Texas
Odessa, Texas
Lisa has been working in the the health and fitness industry for over 9 years. She has spent several years as an accountability coach, helping her clients stay on track and get results.

Lisa has spent time also as a group fitness instructor for Fit Results Boot Camps, Kickboxing, and HIIT.

Her life experiences have laid the foundation for her success with clients striving for self improvement.

Lisa is a Master Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, certified group instructor and nutrition specialist.
Midland, Texas
Odessa, Texas
Alysa has been a part of the fitness industry for over 5 years.  She enjoys helping clients improve their lives and overall wellness.  Alysa also believes in the importance of keeping her clients accountable to the goals that they have set for themselves, ensuring progress.

Alysa does work with all fitness levels and wide range of ages and goals. She loves being a part of her clients fitness journey.

Alysa holds a Master Certification in Personal Trainer with Nutrition and Weight Loss.
Addison, Texas
Elaine has 11 years in health & fitness.  She has seen the benefits of exercise, eating well, and stress-reducing methods first hand, being in the corporate world for 10 years. Her goal is to pass what she has learned to help others improve their life. She works with her clients to develop a fun but functional program that will improve clients quality of life. 

Elaine is very passionate about what she does and loves the opportunity to help new clients as they start on their fitness journey.

She is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer with specialization and experience in Pre-Post natal, active older adult, post-physical therapy programming, and Parkinson’s exercise. 
Southlake, Texas
Michael has dedicated over a decade of study and application in both the science and real life application of movement so that his clients receive complete training improving their mind and body. 

His approach has enabled his clients to reach goals they never even thought possible. His genuine concern for others and his ability to truly connect with his clients makes him fun to be around and a pleasure to work with. 

He is a certified Master Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Liz has over 8 years of professional experience in the health and fitness industry. She focuses on building overall strength and full-body functionality through a variety of different fitness modalities. As a fitness trainer and instructor, she wants to share her enthusiasm for fitness, and help her clients realize what their bodies are capable of.

Liz seeks to provide all of her clients with a greater sense of physical awareness and a deeper appreciation for what they can accomplish.
She is a certified Master Personal Trainer, Master Nutrition Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist and holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. 
Kids Fitness
Personal Training
Our Personal Training Program is designed for those wanting more 1-on-1 attention and a program that is specifically for them. Excellent for those that may be new to fitness or have medical issues.   When you join one of our Fitness Professionals for Personal Training, you’re signing up for completely customized fitness experience. During your initial consultation, you’ll sit down with a professional coach and discuss all of your goals so that we can customize a plan just for you. Your tailored plan will have the kinds of workouts that are designed to help you reach your goals without wasting your time.
We are Results Based.
When you have a program that is made only for you and designed to reach your specific goals, you get to where you want to go a lot faster. And with our top-tier professionals, you’re sure to not only get an effective workout, but a safe one, too.
Group Classes
Small Group Training
Our Small Group Training program is for those wanting to participate in our personal training program with 1-3 others.  Many like to train with their spouses, friends or family.  This helps many stay committed, motivated, accountable and on track. 

Shrink IT 
with Kurt Rip Griffin
Bad Belly Fat Loss
Remote Coaching
Our highly successful Shrink IT program is designed for those wanting and/or needing to loss that "Bad Belly Fat".  This program is online/remote based with Weight Loss Expert Kurt Griffin as your personal Accountability, Nutrition & Fitness Coach. No gym or equipment is needed for this program. 
Kids Fitness
Nutrition Coaching
No matter how much you work out, you will always fall short if you haven’t dialed in your nutrition. If you want to feel great and look great, you’ve have to work on your nutrition. With our Nutrition Coaching Program, you’ll finally reach the body composition goals you’ve been aiming for!
Nutrition Coaching is for anyone who wants to change the way they look and feel for the better. It’s a perfect add-on to our Personal Training Programs, and there are no prerequisites for joining our Nutrition Coaching Program.
PLANO, TEXAS (Jan 2021)
EL PASO, TEXAS (Jan 2021)

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